Q & A Defeating COVID-19 Harvard Updates


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  • 00:06 Q1 – What honestly is the reality of vaccine availability by November?
  • 01:47 Q2 – If  a viable vaccine is developed in 2021, are we still looking at a 10-year marathon?
  • 02:27 Q3 – Several other pandemic-related viruses have weakened over time. Is there a scenario where this happens with COVID and a marathon be avoided?
  • 05:01 Q4 – If the ubiquitous testing methods are available today, why aren’t they readily available?
  • 09:45 Q5 –  Is it even more important to get the standards flu vaccine this year to avoid comorbidity or a vulnerable system?
  • 11:56 Q6 –  What are your thoughts on reinfection?
  • 15:07 Q7 – What can we do to help?